Video series | 5 day challenge!

I recently posted a video mini series on my Instagram:

This series was about working with our triggers, and learning new ways to bring in more adaptive information as we process our triggered state. By doing so we not only increase our window of tolerance when exposed to stress events but we also engage different parts of our brain to help it (our brain) process and make sense of events.

It was such good fun putting together these mini clips! They’re only 60 seconds long and you can use the techniques on yourself or if you’re a parent work through them with your children. I use similar exercises with my family workshop series The Resilient Kids Project.

Anyway I’ve posted all the clips below and the worksheet blurb is posted in the link with each piece of video. Let me know how you get on!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4a

Day 4b

Day 5

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Day 5 – we made it! Creating an anchor from a positive memory. Sorry if I sound a bit croaky! Ok so lots of info to squeeze in to a 60 second tutorial… but just follow these quick steps: 1. Find somewhere quiet to sit 2. Go in to a positive memory where you experienced the feeling or mind state to want to replicate 3. Relive that experience through your own eyes (fully associated) notice all the details, colours, sounds and feelings. 4. Amplify the experience by making it louder, sharper, brighter… feel now what you felt then, see now what you saw then etc… 5. Stand up quickly and really amplify that feeling as if you're turning up a dial then open your eyes. 6. Sit back down and repeat steps 1 – 5 again and then 1 more for luck! 7. As you stand up the final time rub your finger and thumb together to anchor that feeling… Now when you want to shift mindstate just rub your thumb and forefinger together. You'll need to practice a few times but it's really effective. Maybe you need to be really focused for a meeting coming up so use a past memory of when you felt focussed. Maybe you have a difficult conversation coming up so use a memory of a time you felt really determined and brave. #positivity #love #positivevibes #motivation #inspiration #life #happiness #success #happy #goals #selflove #positivethinking #instagood #positive #mindset #goodvibes #lifestyle #entrepreneur #peace #inspire #positivequotes #quote #loveyourself #bhfyp #mindfulness #mindful #resilience #determination

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