Be An Encourager, The World Has Enough Critics Already

I thought I’d begin a weekly reblog of stories and advice from sites I follow and admire. I love this piece of being an encourager. It goes well with my newest Mindhack about how you can “Amp your Gratitude, Amp up your Vibe”

The Wellbeing Blogger

This week I finished rereading the second part of the book ‘A Man Searching for Meaning‘ by Viktor Frankl. His story as a Holocaust survivor is really inspiring and it makes me wonder every time I start spiralling downwards. The question I put myself is this: Is my life being threatened? No, it isn’t. So why do you feel so annoyingly miserable? Good question. I would say there is nothing to feel miserable for, but there must be something.

‘A Man Searching for Meaning’ (Portuguese edition) by Viktor Frankl. You can get an English version here.

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