Mindhack | Amp up your gratitude, amp up your vibe!

We all know we need to practice gratitude right?! But how can you really make things zing? Well you dont need to think of more things to be grateful for… you need to amp up the things you’re already aware of.

It’s easy… introduce some superlatives, those super gushy expressive descriptive words we used to get told to use in school English classes.

Seriously it’ll make you buzz! Instead of saying “I’m lucky to have my boyfriend” instead say “My boyfriend is the kindest sweetest sexiest scrummiest, most hardworkingest, man I know!” (He truly is!).

My son is the amazingly funniest, smartest, kindest, handsomest, outstandingly awesome, superbly witty and generally wonderfully ace!

My mum is the most diligent focussed yet warm, kindhearted, generous person I know.

My dog Muffin is the most amazingly, outstandingly around awesome hound with the greatest ears and the most amazingly kindest nature.

Try it! It’s easy and lovely and will make you smile. Do it at night before bed to give your brain a joy surge!