Mindhack | Shifting your mindstate…

There’s going to be times when you need to step up, maybe a challenging conversation with your boss or ex partner… maybe you need to be feeling super focussed to give a presentation.

This super easy hack will help you to anchor a positive mind state which you can access as and when needed. You’ll need somewhere quiet to sit and a few minutes of your time.

  1. Close your eyes and bring up a memory of a time when you felt completely focussed.. or whatever experience and feeling it is you want to anchor and quickly reactivate.
  2. Go in to that memory and relive it through your own eyes as if you’re in a piece of video of your life.
  3. Amplify all the colours and sounds, make the image sharper and brighter… imagine if you had a dial you could turn the whole experience up to 10. You’ll really feel this in your body.
  4. Stand up with your eyes closed and amplify the experience even more. Then open your eyes, shake it off.
  5. Sit back down and repeat steps 1 – 5 again and then once more for luck (so 3 times)
  6. On the 3rd time as you stand up and amplify that feeling and memory even more you need to start rubbing your thumb and forefinger together on one of your hands.

You’ve set your anchor! Now when you want to activate the feeling you had associated with the memory you just need to rub your thumb and forefinger together. You’ll need to practice but its super easy.

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