Mindhack | Sparking a little bit of joy…

You know how children squirrel things away in pockets… can you remember how exciting it was to have little trinkets of loveliness?

Somehow as adults we forget to do the things in childhood that bring us joy. Often we resort to other things to sooth and please us… this maybe a shopping habit or one too many glasses of wine because “we’ve earned it”. But it doesn’t have to be like this. You know how you have pictures of your partner or your children in your purse or wallet? well how about a little pocket of joy? A drawstring pouch with some trinkets in can bring up that feeling of joy just from touching it. This is called creating an anchor by accessing memories and utilising a felt sense action. There are lots of ways we can create anchors but a little collection of trinkets, pebbles or other treasures is one of the easiest ways to bring up a feeling of childhood joy.

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