Mindhack | Connecting to those challenging feelings…

Not only do we think our fears but we feel them… perhaps in our heart, in our chest, maybe our stomach… Fear is a felt sense as much as a thought sense.

But we can also feel joy and all the good stuff too. Working with the body is an important part of trauma work and healing. The thing about feelings though is sometimes they’re so big we resort to blocking them out to avoid the pain. Learning to sit with the discomfort can be a real challenge (as I noted in a previous blog on Mindfulness).

Take a moment to sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and take a nice deep breath in. Ground yourself by feeling the chair beneath you and the ground beneath your feet. Wiggle your toes. Notice how your body connects to the surfaces. Then bodyscan from head to toe, just noticing any knots of tension or aches. Now imagine a white light radiating through the top of your head all down through your body so you feel super connected with each part of you. Breathe slowly and deeply whilst doing this exercise.

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