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Good morning! How are you going to flip your limiting beliefs today? . Most of my clients are plagued with self doubt. Whether young or old their language patterns give the game away "it's always been like this" "its never been the way I want it to be" "everything is terrible" . In coaching and therapy we use Socratic questioning to help break things down "why do you think that?" "How specifically?" Then with EMDR, and Brainspotting (which I'm really excited to now be offering!) we explore the origin of the limiting belief and the techniques extinguish the activation and reinstall new neural pathways of positive belief (like magic beans… it's very cool and I get called a Witch, which is a badge of honour). . BUT you can flip the switch on your limiting beliefs too. Firstly WRITE them down… then explore the TRUTH of your statement. Be really honest! Mine was "I'll never be academic, I'm rubbish at that kind of thing" but actually I struggled in school to focus, was bored and easily distracted and didn't do any work, I was lazy… when I eventually found something I loved I became an A* student. But I carried that limiting belief for years and what's worse is I measured myself against it for years. . We have limiting beliefs about money, work, relationships and love, status, class… anything that comes with an excuse "I can't… because.. " is a limiting belief. . You have to be prepared to put some work in to flip the script. It takes honesty and setting some goals. For example "I can never lose any weight, we're all big boned in my family" well the fact is losing weight and sticking to it is about lifestyle change and gets harder as you get older. Set a realistic goal "I can/will lose 20lbs in 6 months" and then work towards it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #motivation #love #success #inspiration #entrepreneur #life #goals #mentalhealthawareness #fitness #selflove #mindfulness #positivity #happiness #goalsetting #selfcare #health #positivevibes #entrepreneurship #happy #mentor #hustle #instagood #lifestyle #wellbeing #flipthescript #beauty #socialmedia #mindfulness #loveyourself #mindset

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