This time of year is tough. The daylight is rapidly shrinking and I notice a shift in mindset in some of my most Resilient clients. This is the time when I double up on bodywork and techniques to soothe a jangled nervous system. It’s the same every Autumn… the lack of daylight and good weather makes it harder to feel optimistic and importantly you may feel more of a need to hunker down and hibernate. Be careful though… human connection is vital for our wellbeing. Feeling isolated and lonely can be the byproduct of the seasonal shift so reach out to friends and loved ones. Yes Autumn teaches us in all its beauty that letting go is good but its vital we connect and maximise our perfectly evolved nervous system which uses social interaction as a braking system on sympathetic dominance (aka fight/flight).

Top tips:

  1. Get out in daylight for a walk if you can
  2. Meet up with friends to socialise
  3. Top up Magnesium with an epsom salt bath
  4. Check your nutrients. Vit D is a biggie for emotional wellbeing and it drops as the daylight disappears
  5. Fuel your body with warming spices such as cinnamon or turmeric.
  6. Hug a friend or loved one to get a big dose of oxytocin. Big long bear hugs are the best!

Wishing you a peaceful week xx

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