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My newest blog and video posts are about healthy sleep habits but from a trauma informed perspective 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌙

I asked you guys about what youd like to see me post about and one of the suggestions was help with sleeping!

Sleeping is the first thing to go haywire when we’re anxious and for those suffering from past traumas then it is common to re-experience those traumas during sleep through nightmares and night terrors. Heres some quick hacks you can put in place to support changes around sleeping patterns.

⭐ only use your bed for sleeping or sex. It’s common for those who have experienced trauma to have avoidant behaviours in place to minimise the discomfort of re-experiencing the trauma. This can involve things likewatching TV until you pass out.

⭐Foods high in L- Tryptophan include oily fish, Turkey, nuts and seeds. This essential amino acid is vital for metabolic function and converts in the body through a series from 5-htcp > serotonin > melatonin.

⭐ Use body awareness and Progressive Muscle Relaxation to soften and loosen the body. Squeeze and release the muscles from toe up to head and back down again. This signals to the brain it’s safe so the switch flips in to rest/digest mode.

⭐Up to 70% of those suffering from ptsd or cptsd re-experience their trauma in the sleep. Studies have shown that creating and rehearsing a problem solving narrative to defeat the problem significantly reduces intensity and frequency of occurrences. Write down the narrative and read through before bedtime. It can be as epic and fantastical as needed. Great one for kids to use too.

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