#selfcare day!

Ok I’m a workaholic. I’ve said it! I get these surges of energy that propel me from one big project or side hustle to the next (that’s the American term for expensive project that doesn’t make any money!) Don’t get me wrong I looooove my big projects… and they’re usually fairly epic lasting about 5 […]


So Mindfulness is hard…

Ok so unpopular opinion maybe but actually Mindfulness is the last thing I teach when working with clients. Why? Because when you’re working with trauma the most important thing to put in place is a sense of safety… and when you start to engage with how emotions are held and stored in your body it […]


Video series | 5 day challenge!

I recently posted a video mini series on my Instagram: rethinking.you This series was about working with our triggers, and learning new ways to bring in more adaptive information as we process our triggered state. By doing so we not only increase our window of tolerance when exposed to stress events but we also engage […]